Reimage Repair Home Edition

Reimage Repair Home Edition 1.9

Cleans PC viruses and repairs Windows errors
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Reimage Plus
Optimizes your computer by getting rid of viruses or malware that infected it and repairing errors related to the operating system.

Reimage Repair is an online computer repair service. This application is designed to help us repair our computer without the need of taking it to the technician's shop, or without the need of the technician coming to our place to fix it. This utility scans our entire computer for bugs, viruses, hardware and software problems, etc.; compares our operating system, hardware, and software with that of a new computer in order to find the differences. The scan and the later report are offered completely free of charge without time/number limitation, so we can get to know what is wrong with our computer. After that we may decide to repair it by purchasing one-time repairement. Another option is to buy one-time repairment for three (or for ten) computers.
But, how reliable is this service?
I will tell you about my experience: The first and the second repair key were invalid. The third one, which was send to me via e-mail did the job. The stability problem was solved immediately. The problem with the hardware performance still persists. According to the first report, I had those two problems (I completely agree), but only the first has beem fixed.
It is possible to recover our computer to its previous state.
I must say that the user interface is very easy to manage. Though the support team replied me very quickly.

Review summary


  • Free computer scan and report without time/number limitation
  • Support team replies quickly


  • The fist two registration keys were invalid
  • The hardware performance problem has not been fixed
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